Diy Solar Water Heating – Where to Begin!

When you consider the rising prices of fossil fuels in the developing world using solar energy for diy solar water heating makes perfect sense. Amongst all the different ways of utilizing solar energy, solar water heating  seems to be making its mark  just about everywhere across the globe, The best part is that you dont need to be a rocket scientist  to do this,virtually Anybody fairly competent at diy  would be able to make their own diy solar water heater. there are many  resources available where you can easily find out how to build a Do It Yourself or DIY solar water heater system. Making your own solar water heater wont be as effective as if you bought one of the commercially available solar water heaters but without a shadow of a doubt it would help somewhat is saving on your water heating costs and would be a fraction of the price.

Budget and energy saving

Cost should be under £100 or $150  depending on the type of scrap materials that you could find. Once you have it all setup and installed you will be able to dramatically cut electricity bills and therefore start saving money. Depending upon the climatic condition of your place and the specific design of the DIY solar water heater, you should be able to save at least 50 percent of your usual  energy costs during summer and almost 25 percent during  spring and winter.

Simplest form of DIY solar water heater

The easiest and the simplest form of the DIY solar water heater is what is known as a  batch solar water heater, this actually works as a pre-heater for the cold water en route to your standard water heater or immersion tank, This prewarmed  water doesnt require as much heating when it reaches your  regular water heater therefore you will save on  gas and electricity costs. it is very easy to build a batch solar water heater and just a few steps is what you need to follow and you would have your own DIY solar water heater .


Take a used water tank opr copper water cylinder as this should be quite cheap or even free to obtain and keep it inside a box, fully insulated. After that, apply matt black high heat paint to the tank or cylinder,especially to the side exposed to the sun,this is so it absorbs the heat more and it is way more beneficial t do this rather than leaving it its original colour, high heat matt black paint can be bought very cheaply from places such as ebay, to cover the water cylinder  use a large piece of  glass or acrylic plastic, Glass is preferable though to be honest,can be hard to find in a large sheet.

In Conclusion, if your thinking of making yourself a Diy solar water heater dont hesitate,the cost and time spent doing it is well justified and it will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time, Ours took a day to build and cost £70 or $100 to build though  this was mainly because we used new copper pipe and new copper connectors,yours could be much cheaper and pay for itself much quicker !

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